People I see have been referred for my opinion about their problems. The fact that a person has to see a specialist means that they usually have a problem that requires a more in-depth analysis and more complex treatment. This does not mean that they cannot continue to see their local doctor. It is very important to see a general practitioner who continues to monitor a person’s general health.

Your referral will normally be valid for a period of 12 months. Should you require further treatment after this period it will be necessary for a new referral to be obtained from your local doctor. It is not possible to obtain MEDICARE refunds without a current referral.


Visits are of 15, 30 or 45 minutes duration. The duration and frequency of consultations depends on many factors and will be decided following a process of evaluation. If my secretary is unable to provide you with an appointment when I have requested you to return, you will be placed on the ‘Wait List’ and contacted as soon as a suitable time is available.

24 hours notice must be given for cancellation of appointments. If the patient should fail to advise the receptionist within 24 hours or should the patient not attend an appointment, one reminder of this policy will be given and any subsequent failure to attend will incur a cancellation fee for the full cost of the consultation. Of course, unforeseen emergencies will be taken into consideration.