I charge a fee which is a compromise based on the Commonwealth Government’s schedule fee. This fee is based on the time taken to provide a service, the nature of the professional service provided, the degree of complexity and difficulty of the service, and a person’s capacity to pay.

If you have any questions about fees please ask.


An account will be issued after each service. Payment can be made by EFTPOS, cash, cheque or credit card. Full payment on the day of visit is required.

Please be advised Fees are subject to change without notice.

Appointment Duration Fee Medicare Rebate Gap
15 Minute+ $200.00 $75.80 $125.20
30 Minute+ $250.00 $116.70 $133.30
45 Minute+ $350.00 $161.00 $189.00
60 Minutes (Initial Visit) $550.00 $228.20 $318.35
Assessment & Management $700.00 $396.80 $303.20

48 hours notice of cancellation of appointment is required. Failure to attend could incur a fee of the full cost of the consultation.

Due to the number of non-attendances and an extended wait list we ask that all appointments be confirmed a minimum of two (2) business days before the appointment or the time allocated may be used for a wait-listed person or an emergency.